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Clive Denney and Vintage Fabrics have a vast amount of experience painting all types of aircraft. Vintage Fabrics's speciality is of course warbirds. When it comes to paint schemes, Vintage Fabrics does not only spray them, it also researches them and provides the specialised paints.

Vintage Fabrics has, on site, a purpose built Spray Booth. This unit allows the spray conditions to be controlled. This allows a number of different spray environments to be simulated. The unit is large enough to handle large aircraft components such as wings and fuselages.

If an aircraft needs to be sprayed without being dismantled, Vintage Fabrics can arrange to use a larger spray facility to accommodate the aircraft.

Paint Scheme Research
Paint research, such as colour, camouflage schemes, nose art and markings are all investigated by Vintage Fabrics. Factory drawings, photographs, archive material and original paint chips are all used to ensure that the research is a comprehensive as possible.

Vintage Fabrics carries out detailed research on each of its paint jobs. This ensures that each job is authentic as possible. 

All types of wartime colours are researched to ensure that they match their original colours. Once these colours have been confirmed as original, they are stored on computer, so they can be produced to the same standard every time. The paints Vintage Fabrics use and supply are mixed by qualified experts. 

British Standard and German RLM colours are a speciality

Detailed Art Work
As well as painting whole aeroplanes, Vintage Fabrics also specialises in detail paintwork. This can range from Nose Art and Squadron Motifs to stencils. Examples of Clive Denney/Vintage Fabrics artwork can be seen on many static and flying aircraft around the world as well as crash helmets.

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